HowTo-English: Ballroom Newsfeed

‘Ballroom’ Newsfeed

You like to be up-to-date?
Simply subscribe to the ‘Ballroom’ newsfeed!
How? Easy:

  • A modern browser will detect that ballroom offers a newsfeed. Check for the feed icon rss_logo_34 , either at the top or at the bottom of your browser. Click on it and save this so called ‘live bookmark’. Finished. Your browser will automatically show you what’s going on at ‘Ballroom’.
  • A newsreader simply needs to know the link to the newsfeed. Copy it into your feed reader: Either right-click on the feed icon rss you see on a ‘Ballroom’ page and save link or drag-and-drop – that’s it. The Newsreader will show you the latest ‘Ballroom’ headline.
  • The newsfeed also works on a smartphone or one of latest cellphones! Let the ‘Ballroom’ newsfeed keep you posted wherever you are. Follow your mobile phone’s instructions to subscribe to ‘Ballroom’s’ newsfeed.

You want to put ‘Ballroom’ content on your website?
Use a service like FeedBurner and make specific ‘Ballroom’ content an integral part of your site. Using the ‘Ballroom’ newsfeed you can bring headlines and short versions from ‘Ballroom’ to your site.

The newsfeed is available in English and German, depending on which language you choose for the site. How to swich languages on ‘Ballroom’: Read more here…

This is the link to the ‘Ballroom’ newsfeed:
English version:
German version:

Back to ‘Ballroom’:

Read more about

Live Bookmark: this is for Firefox:


Feedburner & Co:




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